“Rob has a gift for making very complex topics very easy to understand. Unlike many trainers, he has significant real-world experience in the software industry which allows him to be very pragmatic with his teaching and coaching. Rob’s passion for helping development teams improve as much as possible is evident each time he is in front of a class.

At Agile For All, I still work with Rob and he continues to do an awesome job with the courses and coaching he delivers to my clients. He has dealt with my best clients and the results have always been overwhelmingly positive.”

— Bob Hartman


Agile Learning LabsChris Sims, founder of Agile Learning Labs, is an old friend, and a wonderful trainer. We enjoy collaborating to deliver great training and coaching to various clients in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Menlo InnovationsWithout the kindness, encouragement, and trust of the wonderful folks at Menlo Innovations, Agile Institute would not be what it is today. In 2001, when times were tough for everyone, and no one was traveling anywhere, Rob Myers flew to Ann Arbor and absorbed the deep, innovative Menlo culture, which blends Extreme Programming practices with Interaction Design techniques. A year of doing things the Menlo way strengthened our conviction that the Agile approach is an incredibly worthy pursuit. Though it’s been a decade since we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate, the partnership and mutual admiration is strong.


ZeaLake Software Consulting Lars Thorup, founder of ZeaLake, is the only person besides Rob Myers who is authorized to teach Agile Institute’s flagship course, Essential Test-Driven Development. Lars brings the highest degree of know-how and professionalism to this partnership, plus expert-level experience with JavaScript and C++ programming tools and environments.


InRhythmAgile Institute partners with InRhythm to deliver quality training solutions for organizations in the Eastern and Central regions of the U.S.


Senex Rex

We’ve recently partnered with Senex Rex whenever and wherever large-scale Agile transformation is occurring. Dan Greening and his team are some of the finest strategic high-level coaches I’ve ever worked with, and they’re experts at crafting metrics and measures in order to help leaders steer a clear and successful path towards industry mastery.


InnovationGamesInnovation Games® provides “Serious Games” that help product companies work with their customers to generate innovative solutions to customer needs. Rob Myers was impressed and inspired by Luke Hohmann’s course, and is an authorized Innovation Games® facilitator. Our Essential Agile Product Leadership course contains training on these and other customer-development activities.