Helping teams build software.

Helping organizations build teams.


Agile Institute provides world-class courses, coaching, and workshops in all Agile topics, including:
•    Agile frameworks and methods such as Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), and Kanban.
•    Agile team skills, such as facilitating retrospectives, and writing user stories.
•    Process improvement methodologies such as Lean and the Theory of Constraints.
•    Agile engineering practices such as Test-Driven Development, Behavior-Driven Development, Continuous Integration and Deployment, and Pair Programming.

Agile Institute is a small shop that collaborates with a close-knit, hand-picked network of highly-experienced colleagues.  We hold ourselves to very high standards: We frequently compare materials, teach together, critique each other, and debate the merits of some new (or newly applied) technique. We will assemble the most appropriate custom coaching and training curriculum for your team or organization; and at comparable, competitive rates.

Our Edge

At Agile Institute, instructors have actual corporate experience in the techniques covered by their courses. Each coach has worked with multi-national organizations on their Agile transformations, and with small Silicon Valley start-ups.  Each of us is committed to occasionally taking on actual production work, to test and hone our own understanding and empathy.

We are also professional trainers, forever working to improve and update materials, labs, simulations, and public presentation style. Our courses include a high level of interactive labs and simulations, so that participants deeply learn the material through hearing, seeing, doing, writing, and speaking.

Sharpening Your Edge

As successful organizations have shown time and again, easing the most restrictive constraint from the whole organization’s value-stream always provides returns on the investment. In the software world, Agile processes are known for delivering the best business value sooner, and for removing many of the traditional constraints involved in software product delivery.

The value you will obtain from our courses and coaching will readily exceed the investment.

Do you have an agile team who is grumbling about technical debt? This is a hard-to-quantify profit-sucking monster that affects traditional and agile development efforts, alike. This debt manifests itself later as higher defect rates, higher support costs, and lost sales. Our technically-oriented Essential Series of courses are intended to reduce and control technical debt.

Are morale, productivity, and profits all falling, even though you thought your team was doing everything “Agile”? Perhaps our Agile Jump-Start package, with an Agile Constraints Assessment and a choice of constraint-busting courses, may be what you need to pull the team out of a ditch.

What next?

To see descriptions of courses, see our catalog. To register for a public event, see our upcoming events. For further information, pricing, and other queries, please contact me.